Things to Research Before Buying a Home.

"Do's and Don'ts Buying a Home"

With the growing trend to stay in homes long-term,

it's becoming increasingly imperative to take appropriate measures to seek out a home that meets your current and future needs.

Do invest in a professional inspection.

Sellers don’t always disclose the whole truth to potential buyers, or they might have done a band-aid job to cover up issues until the deal closes. The average home buyer takes 15 minutes or less to choose a home, but many potential problems, like plumbing and wiring trouble, might not be visible to the naked eye.

Home inspectors can look beyond the fresh coat of paint

to find costly underlying problems. Splurge on an experience professional — it will save you time, money and house-induced heartache later on.

Do look at several houses before you buy.

Buying the first house you look at it is kind of like marrying the first person you go on a date with — not necessarily a good idea. If you buy a home without comparing it to other listings in the area, you’re likely to overpay or miss out on a great nearby home. Walk through at least three homes before you choose. If you still love the first one you saw, make an offer!

Before you purchase a home,

research the neighborhood. Is the house you’re considering overbuilt for the area? Are comparable homes selling in the area? You’ll be glad you gathered the information if you ever decide to sell.

Neighborhood Amenities Exploring

neighborhood amenities such as schools, public transportation, recreational parks, and proximity to entertainment are additional things to consider when buying a house.

Look at the house,

but also look at the neighborhood. Location is the most important thing, so it’s critical to look at more than bricks and mortar.How can you choose the right community? Become a neighborhood detective. Figure out what you’re looking for, do research and find a neighborhood that fits your description.

Having the patience

to carefully weigh these considerations and improve your education surrounding mortgages helps to create peace of mind on this big-ticket purchase.

In the home buying process:

arming themselves with a pre-approved mortgage loan before they begin their house hunting.

A pre-approved mortgage loan is a lender’s

commitment to lend to the homebuyer, with specifications on the exact loan amount.

To get pre-approved

homebuyers need to provide personal financial information -- such as income, debts and assets -- to a lender. Applications are usually approved with certain caveats. However, with the lender committing to the loan amount and interest rate up front, buyers can have confidence that adequate financing is in place before they start shopping for a home.

Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties

cites numerous advantages of having a pre-approved mortgage loan.